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(333) G.U

(333) G.U

★ Profile
* Name / G.U
* Birth / 1991
* Height / 180cm
* Weight / 70kg

★ Career

– (Sub Role) “남산의 부장들” directed by 우민호 with 이병헌, 곽도원 and 이성민
– (Main role) “해피 호구 데이” by 김승아 with 김하영 (link)
– (Main role) “산신령” by Yann Kerloch
– (Extra role) “Swing Kids” directed by 김형석 with 디오
– (Extra role) “장사리” with 김명민

– (Main role) “The Last Bride of Ansbruk Village” by Aleks Merilo and directed by Laurel Steuernagel
– (Sub role) “누구세요?” by 이현화 and Nicolas Hazard (link)

– (Sub role) Web Drama “Saturday Morning Club” by Makrenna Rose
– (Extra role) Web Drama “고래먼지” by Samsung Electronics (link)
– (Extra role) “알함브라 궁전의 추억” with 현빈 and 박신혜  (tvN)
– (Extra role) “미스터 션샤인” by writer 김은숙 with 이병헌 (tvN)
– (Extra role) “사랑의 온도” with 서현진 (SBS)
– (Extra role) “죽어야 사는 남자” with 최민수 (MBS)

– (Main role) LG Pocket Photo (link)
– (Main role) Fingeroo Mug – Cube
– (Main role) N2Falls Instant Coffee (link1)(link2)
– (Main role) 강원도 Tourist
– (Main role) AFC Film – kick starter (link)
– (Sub role) Paradise City – Casino
– (Sub role) Ilider, space scanning laser (link)
– (Sub role) MOPIC Snap3D (link)
– (Sub role) Samsung Health (link)
– (Sub role) Gangnam Tourist Office
– (Sub role) Tilley – Reed Diffuser (link)
– (Extra role) Korean Air, Olympic
– (Extra role) Twosome Place

– (2018) Youtube방송 – Fanta TV (link)(link)
– (2018) 너의 목소리가 들려 – Mnet